Get Involved

There are tons of ways to support the Food Recovery Network and join the movement... 

First, you can like us on Facebook and spread the word to friends. 

Second, if you're a UMD student, staff, faculty or just some random person who can't stand the site of good food going to waste, you should volunteer with us sometime! FRN is always in need of new volunteers to help at the diners, sports games, and other events that have surplus food on campus. To find out more just email us at

Finally, after you've done all that, you sit in on a meeting with the FRN Leadership Team to help us keep this crazy train running. We meet Thursdays at 7PM on campus. The location can change so if you're interested in stopping by, RSVP at You don't need an LT position to help out but we hold LT elections twice yearly, in December and in April. To find out more about a given LT position, check out our Leadership Team page or email

Interested in starting your own chapter? Do it! This project is extremely rewarding and you may soon find your school donating tens of thousands of meals to hungry people that is currently just going to waste. We can offer you step-by-step guidance, graphic design and website help, connections to non-profits, testimonial letters from UMD administrators sent to your director of Dining Services and even a mini-grant of up to $500 toward your first trays.